Friday, December 18, 2009

Down time

Sorry for all the down time. I'll probably be away from real projects for a little while longer. Chubs had his tonsills out on Wednesday and is having a rough time with it. He just wants to snuggle with Mommy all the time. Today, Hubby will be home this afternoon to snuggle with while my sister-in-law comes over to sew with me. Hopefully I'll get a few things done and wrapped for Christmas! Maybe I'll get pictures taken before wrapping. If I do, I'll try to post some later. I've got four pairs of pajamas to get done, plus I made a few hot-cold rice bags and some books for Baldy. One of the rice bags and the books are already wrapped, so those will wait to be posted until after Christmas. Thanks for being patient!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tile Pendant giveaway!

I love these tile pendants. I think they're adorable! And now you have the chance to win one. Woohoo! (You know you want to say woohoo too...just do it!) Check it out here. You won't regret it! Or don't check it out. It definitely boosts my chances of winning if you don't. ;)