Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Last week sucked. It just did. But, I didn't get my car cleaned. I was hoping I would this morning, since my sister-in-law, niece and nephew were coming to town and I was supposed to pick them up, thus needing a very clean van, but then I got a call saying that my niece had thrown up and my mother-in-law was just going to do it herself to protect my kids from the germs. And I appreciate it. But it kept me from feeling like it needed to be done again. So we'll keep working on it this week and I'm sure it'll be done by Friday. I also didn't sell anything at the boutique on Saturday, so if anyone's interested in some nursing covers, crocheted baby booties or hats (for boys or girls) let me know and we can work something out! I'd love to get them out of my house at this point. Just a reminder of the big FAIL! (Like I said, last week sucked. I'm moving past it, thank you for indulging me in my self-pity!) Anyway, this week is going better, so hopefully I can get out of my funk and move on to funner things.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 6 Goal

Okay, so I know that it's Thursday, but we have the boutique this week, plus I've been teaching Bubs's preschool this week, plus I have two showers (which I had to deal with presents for), so it's been crazy! (Oh, and Hubby hasn't been home before 8:30 p.m. at all this week...yikes!) Anyway, I thought I'd post my goal, since I'm supposed to reveal it tomorrow, just to keep me accountable. My goal is actually not in the house...I hope it still counts. I'm going to attempt to do some organizing in the van. It's looking a little lived in. Which wouldn't be a problem if we lived in it, I guess, but since we don't, it shouldn't. My plan is to clear out the front seat a bit. I hope to make a garbage bag container for the backs of seats, but that may have to wait until I can get some more boning next week. I've been dealing with a lot of boning this week making nursing covers, so I'm not sure I'm up to it right now. Anyway, I'm planning on getting one of my already purchased plastic shoe boxes for underneath my console between the front seats. It'll probably hold a couple of bottles of water, some snack baggies full of snacks, cereal bars, plus those things you always realize you need while you're out...for example, tissue paper, tape, ribbon (for those times where you head off to a birthday party or shower and realize you haven't gotten a gift yet!) and some stamps and envelopes (because I'm clearly not good at planning ahead and need those things at the drop of a hat). I'm sure I'll come up with some other things that I'll need, plus I need to come up with a good garbage solution for the front seat, so that the passenger doesn't have to swing a garbage bag out of their way to sit down. Yikes! I'm sure that was too much for some of you...just wait till I get a before picture up. It's frightening. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Okay, so if you're name is Sheri and you're my sister-in-law, stop reading now! I doubt she is, but it was worth throwing out there. I have her baby shower to go to on Thursday night. She's having a baby girl and I decided to try my hand at applique. And because I'm insane, I figured, "why not throw in some ruffles?" Why my mind does this, I don't know. I have too much to do this week with our Boutique coming up and I still did it. Oh, well. It was better than making yet another nursing cover just to give away. So, I think it turned out pretty well and thought I would share. The pictures aren't great, but they're way cute! And for future reference, if you ever want to do applique, do it, it's fun, but don't do letters on your first project...or circles. Straight lines are a good place to start. So are larger shirts. Onesies, not so much. :) (Oh, and I'm not sure why my picture turned itself, sorry!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A purse giveaway!

I know! Who gives away purses? Awesome Becca over at Blue Cricket Design does, that's who! She's got so many tutorials to check out while you're over there too. Anyway, she's giving away purses, graciously provided by They're awesome purses, too. And that should tell you a lot since I'm not normally a purse person, but she's won me over by having a tote as one of your options if you win! I love totes! I can fit diapers in them (at least a little easier) and my big gargantuan wallet. Yay! Check it out and enter yourself. Or don't. I like my chances better if you don't. ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 5 Reveal!

Here's the after, complete with pictures! I kept going with Week 4's goals and am pretty happy with how things turned out!
Cabinet after: The three drawer organizers by the cook books have medicines in it. One is pain killers for me, one is fever reducers and kids' medicines and the other is cough and cold medicines. There are still two other bottles of vitamins that don't fit, but that's okay. Maybe seeing them will remind us to take them! :)

This is the pantry after. This is the view from the door. The shoebox actually has snacks pre-measured into snack bags to give the kids some more responsibility for themselves. They still have to ask, but they can choose which one they want. The space by the fruit snacks is for graham crackers.
*Edited to add: The red and black fabric hanging from the right is my homemade plastic bag holder. I love it, but still had to take out another bag full of plastic bags to go to recycling! :) The bag holder is hanging on a plastic hanger (I think 3M makes them, but the previous owners put these up) and there's also another one with aprons on it.

This is the view to the left of the door. That open spot is where the kids' plates used to be. It's past the garbage can so I'm not sure what to put there yet.

This is right outside our garage door. Now our napkins, extra plasticware, kleenex and toilet paper is all out of the way, but still close by! Yay for a productive week and getting things done! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Boutique

(Click image to enlarge)

If you happen to live in the Utah County area, we'd love to see you at our Fall Boutique on Sept. 12th! I'm making nursing covers for it. They're about 44" x 44", 100% cotton, reversible nursing covers. Each side has a different fabric (unlike other "reversible" covers I've seen) so you can switch it around depending on what your mood is that day! My covers are also unique because they have a hidden pocket on the side, that you can keep nursing pads, pacifiers, washcloths or anything else you can think of in! There will be a few designs available, but I'm only doing six covers for this boutique to test how well they sell. They'll be starting at $25. Here are a few pictures of them (pardon the couch as the background...I don't have any place that's really good for taking pictures!):
Each cover has an 18" boning so that you can see your baby while your nursing and has an adjustable strap with a d-ring. I originally made one for myself and figured out what was comfortable to me and asked around for what other moms were looking for. This is what I came up with. I'll have more than just what's pictured, plus some crocheted baby hats for sale. The other vendors will also have tons of stuff available! Please come support us!

Week 5 Goal and update

Well, I thought I'd let y'all know how much I love my spice organization! I tweaked it a little bit today (not enough to need a new picture, though!) and it's even better. I had a couple of doubles in my spices, so they were taken out and thinks fit a little bit better now. I baked a cake from scratch on Sunday and was able to just pull out my baking basket, make the cake and put it all back quickly! It streamlined the process so much! Yay for good things!

Week 5 is pretty much just a continuation of Week 4. I didn't get anything done in the pantry last week, so I've been working on it today. It included moving the recycling from next to the garage door, so that I could move a shelf there to keep paper towel, toilet paper, plastic utensils, etc. on. That cleared out so much room in my pantry! I have my garbage can in the pantry now since Baldy (who's about 9 months old and has been standing up for two months now!) pulls himself up on the garbage can, which then falls over on top of him and he hits his head on the tile. Not good. So we put it somewhere where we can close the door. So far it's working well. I rearranged things so that the garbage can is no longer blocking my kids plates, cups, and bowls so they can set the table for themselves and get their own sippy cups. Anyway, things are going well on the organizing front!

My hubby's also been very helpful this week getting some stuff done. It's been a pretty productive week. We put a shelf up over our t.v. to put the blu-ray player and wii on so that the 9 month old would stop hitting them. My brother also helped me get blinds up in my kitchen, which has definitely lowered the amount of time that we've had to have the air conditioning on. It was also my son's birthday, so I made him a super-cute cake and cleaned the place up for that. It's almost back to looking that good and it's only been two days. :) Anyway, things have been going well so far this week and hopefully I'll be able to find batteries for the camera so I can get an after picture of the pantry up tomorrow!

Picture of Chubs with his birthday cake: Pillsburry Funfetti with vanilla ice cream. The outside is covered with KitKats and the top has M&Ms all over it. It was so yummy, but so rich!