Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Boutique

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If you happen to live in the Utah County area, we'd love to see you at our Fall Boutique on Sept. 12th! I'm making nursing covers for it. They're about 44" x 44", 100% cotton, reversible nursing covers. Each side has a different fabric (unlike other "reversible" covers I've seen) so you can switch it around depending on what your mood is that day! My covers are also unique because they have a hidden pocket on the side, that you can keep nursing pads, pacifiers, washcloths or anything else you can think of in! There will be a few designs available, but I'm only doing six covers for this boutique to test how well they sell. They'll be starting at $25. Here are a few pictures of them (pardon the couch as the background...I don't have any place that's really good for taking pictures!):
Each cover has an 18" boning so that you can see your baby while your nursing and has an adjustable strap with a d-ring. I originally made one for myself and figured out what was comfortable to me and asked around for what other moms were looking for. This is what I came up with. I'll have more than just what's pictured, plus some crocheted baby hats for sale. The other vendors will also have tons of stuff available! Please come support us!


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