Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 5 Goal and update

Well, I thought I'd let y'all know how much I love my spice organization! I tweaked it a little bit today (not enough to need a new picture, though!) and it's even better. I had a couple of doubles in my spices, so they were taken out and thinks fit a little bit better now. I baked a cake from scratch on Sunday and was able to just pull out my baking basket, make the cake and put it all back quickly! It streamlined the process so much! Yay for good things!

Week 5 is pretty much just a continuation of Week 4. I didn't get anything done in the pantry last week, so I've been working on it today. It included moving the recycling from next to the garage door, so that I could move a shelf there to keep paper towel, toilet paper, plastic utensils, etc. on. That cleared out so much room in my pantry! I have my garbage can in the pantry now since Baldy (who's about 9 months old and has been standing up for two months now!) pulls himself up on the garbage can, which then falls over on top of him and he hits his head on the tile. Not good. So we put it somewhere where we can close the door. So far it's working well. I rearranged things so that the garbage can is no longer blocking my kids plates, cups, and bowls so they can set the table for themselves and get their own sippy cups. Anyway, things are going well on the organizing front!

My hubby's also been very helpful this week getting some stuff done. It's been a pretty productive week. We put a shelf up over our t.v. to put the blu-ray player and wii on so that the 9 month old would stop hitting them. My brother also helped me get blinds up in my kitchen, which has definitely lowered the amount of time that we've had to have the air conditioning on. It was also my son's birthday, so I made him a super-cute cake and cleaned the place up for that. It's almost back to looking that good and it's only been two days. :) Anyway, things have been going well so far this week and hopefully I'll be able to find batteries for the camera so I can get an after picture of the pantry up tomorrow!

Picture of Chubs with his birthday cake: Pillsburry Funfetti with vanilla ice cream. The outside is covered with KitKats and the top has M&Ms all over it. It was so yummy, but so rich!


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