Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week 4 Reveal

Okay, it's not much of a reveal. I got the spices organized (this morning...what's that saying? A day late, a dollar short? Oops!) but not anything else. My hubby didn't have the week off like he thought, although he did have yesterday off at least, before he started yet another class today. Unfortunately, I'm running way behind on the nursing covers that I'm making for a boutique that's two weeks from today, so the time yesterday was spent making those nursing covers. I've gotten two done in the last two days, though, so at least that's finally coming along! Well, here are the spices.

I got the containers for 2 for $1 at Walmart and got an extra small set as well for other projects. I like these because they're just the right depth for the cabinet and two can fit side by side. They're still not perfect, but I know that the one on the middle shelf on the left is for baking, the one on the right is my cooking spices that I use most often and the stuff on the top shelf is the stuff that I don't use as often. (I know, a lot of unused spices, but I do use them occasionally, so I can't just toss them!) Hopefully I'll figure out a better system soon, but for now, this should work just fine. Clearly dishes got lost in the shuffle since there are no cups on the bottom shelf! Oh, well, the dishwasher's running right now, so it's okay. Also, I'm thinking about getting another set of the baskets for my medicine that's up above the microwave so that I can separate them into kids' medicine and adult medicine. I did go through those and throw away the expired stuff, so it's all nice and safe to take. Hopefully next week will be better.


mara said...

They look great! Good job! :)

Melinda said...

Hey! Looks great to me. This may sound a little strange, but I have a spice drawer. My friend Dina suggested it. It's worked out great. I just open the drawer and there they all are. No searching.

No one system works for everyone. Yours looks great. Just thought I'd pass that along though. I never would have thought of putting my spices in a drawer! ;0)

Shandra said...

My mother-in-law actually has a spice drawer. I like the idea, but I have five drawers in my kitchen, total. The two top ones are used for silverware and knives to keep them away from kids, and the others are for ziploc bags, etc. and my towels and other randomly sized items. I really should post a picture of my whole kitchen, cuz it's tiny and drives me nuts! The cabinet is still the best idea, unfortunately.

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