Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week 4 goals

Well, we'll see if I actually accomplish as much as I'd like to this week. Hubby's coming home tonight finally and has the week off, plus Bubs is starting preschool, so it might be a busy week. But ideally, I'd like to organize my spice cabinet and the cabinet above the microwave and the pantry. The spice cabinet and over-microwave one are definitely the priority though, since I think I need some more containers to organize the pantries well. There are just too many little packets running around in there! So here are some before pictures. (Yay for doing before pictures before the project! Woohoo!)

Before: This is actually only the part of the pantry that you see when you open it up, but it's the part I'm going to focus on. Some of the stuff is just overrunning the whole thing! It's driving me a little nuts. Now, organizing this might involve containers, plus cleaning the chest freezer in the garage so there's a place to freeze more bread and buns, so it's last on the list.
Before: Currently the recipe books are to the left (which still haven't all been found in the move, but the most important one is there...and no, I don't mean the cookie one!) and the medicine's on the right. They're kind of spilling out of their container and I need to do something about it...we don't even take medicine, so I really don't know why I have so many. There are more on top of the fridge, so they need to be consolidated. In the cabinet further to the right are the spices and my glasses. I just moved the glasses there because it's next to the fridge where we get all of our water from (since the tap water in this place is nasty!), so it's more convenient for me. We'll see what Hubby thinks when he gets home tonight! :) But it meant moving spices around and I don't like it one bit. My measuring cups ended up in a better place, but the spices are a mess. So that's it for this week!


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