Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 3 Goal

Well, the camera seems to have been misplaced...again. You'll probably notice that this is a recurring theme. One of these days my organizing goal will be simply to find a good home for the camera to live in. That's not this week, though. My goal is going to be my mudroom. It's right next to the mudroom and has piles of, well, crap in it. (Now no one call DCFS, it's not literal crap! I'm not that bad!) It has become the home of the unused laundry cart (which some of you may remember from week 1) and numerous diaper and church bags, not to mention craft projects that were waiting for a home while my craft room had lighting installed. Ah, but you haven't heard about that project yet...we'll get to that tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're going to be focusing on the soon as I find the camera to take a before picture. I know it's here somewhere...


Cindy said...

A mudroom. We had a mudroom in the house we lived in when I was a kid. I wish I had one now. It is such a good little spot to store stuff. We kept our big chest freezer in ours. But, I do remember that it was a spot that collected a lot of clutter and stuff.

Good Luck with yours and finding your camera.

Melinda said...

Our mudroom is actually our laundry room with is so very, very small. It is on my projects list as well.

I think this whole camera thing is a clever ruse to not have to show your Before pictures! ;0) ;0)

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