Thursday, August 13, 2009

Find your Style

So, I'm not good at figuring out which style I like. I'm kind of a it's-comfortable-and-the-kids-can't-kill-the-fabric kind of decorator. Unfortunately, our last couch set was not so kid-friendly as it turns out, so it looks awful now. Oh, well, now I can move on and figure out what I'd like better next time.

So I took a quiz that my friend had linked from on her blog. It turns out that I am 50% Cottage chic, 25% Nantucket Style and 25% Rustic Revival. Now the next trick is figuring out what that means! :) I'm just kidding.

According to the quiz, Cottage chic is lighter colors, with intimate seating arrangements and somewhat ocean-inspired. Well, I agree with the last two, but I definitely do not do light colors with kids if I can help it. Maybe someday when I have no kids at home...nope, grandkids'll ruin it too! Oh, well. Nantucket Style doesn't actually seem to be that different from cottage chic, so maybe the two would've been better combined, but either way, light, airy and intimate seems to be the running theme. Rustic revival is a combination of city and country, bringing together the best of both worlds, but also very light colors. I'm not sure it knows me very well! ;)

Check out how well it works for you here.


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