Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mudroom: Here's the proof!

Okay, I swear my kids keep stealing my camera. The mudroom is actually going to be its new home so that it's high enough that the kids can't reach it anymore. So, here's the proof. I did take care of the mudroom and it looks so much better now! I also took care of my fireplace (which is electric) since it's our dumping ground for mail (or I should say my husband's!). Here are the before and after pics.

Before: (Excuse some of the blurry pictures, lighting wasn't good at all!) A dumping ground, the land of the lost craft projects and place to keep the recyclables that hadn't made it back out to the garage pile yet. (The garage is another project for another time, yikes!)
The bench and shelf still need to be painted, but I had my dad build them and they didn't cost too much since the previous owners had left tons of wood (including the shelves themselves) in the garage! Yay for free wood!

After: The key rings and letter holder on the right still needs to be finished, but I figured it was better to put it up and use it until I actually get around to that. It's going to be so nice finished (once I make a few more decisions about this room!).
The baskets on the shelf were a prize that I won at a family reunion raffle. There are three there that are approximately the same size and then one that's about 2/3 the size of these that I have down in my craft room.
Look how clean it is! Too bad the pictures fuzzy. I'm thinking about putting shelves or a bench in the corner closest to the doorway that I stood in to take the picture. I can't decide which, though. Any suggestions?


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