Thursday, September 22, 2011


So a few months ago, I started using pinterest. It's been really fun and I get hooked easily. I'm trying to be good and actually DO some of the things that I pin on my boards, so it's not completely wasted time. For example, I found this quote: 
Then yesterday, I found it again while planning out my wall for my kids' photos in my front room. We've added one more little one since I had done the wall and so poor little Chubby Bubby (as he will hence be known on the blog) wasn't represented. It was time to rectify that. So, inspired by this quote, we came up with this: 

I'm really happy with it (although I will be getting poster putty to hold the DANG cheap picture frames level! They drive me CRAZY!) and so glad I had pinterest to reference. 

HOWEVER, there is one thing that bugs me about pinterest. (And based on conversations I've had, it bugs other people too.) It's etiquette, really. It's just a way to be nice that people are missing out on, and maybe it's just that they don't know better. BUT, here's the thing: when you pin something, CLICK THE LINK FIRST! If you've been looking at a whole category on a blog and then pin from that spot, you're linking everyone back to a WHOLE category, which will expand over time. On the other hand, if you click the post that your idea is featured in, every time someone clicks on that pin, it'll take them to the idea you meant! It'll make people SO much happier when they click on your pin, I promise. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Check out this giveaway over at Our Family Treat. It's a gorgeous necklace from Of the Earth Jewelry and you get your choice of colors! Hooray!