Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay, first off, I'm bad at the blogging thing lately. Life's gotten in the way and I would rather deal with life than blogging, so it fell by the wayside. But I wanted to share an awesome giveaway (or two!) so here I am. A couple of bloggers are giving away a Silhouette this week. If you don't know what that is, please go check out their sites because you'll fall in love. But I may or may not want you to leave a comment...I sort of like my odds so far and don't want to kill them, you know! ;) Anyway, go check out V and Co for the first giveaway (and the one where you can get 4 chances to enter!) and Homemade by Jill for the second (where you can see adorable baby onesies! Who doesn't love that?). The Silhouette is absolutely fantastic! (It's like the Cricut, but you don't have to buy cartridges, you just hook it up to your computer!) Hopefully someday I'll either win one of these or finally break down and buy it myself! :) Go check out the giveaways and enjoy!

*Edited to add: Turns out there are tons of other sites with this giveaway this week, so I'll be linking you there as well and linking this post back to my entries!
1. Tidy Mom
2. Sugar Doodle
3. Dollar Store Crafts
4. The Idea Room
5. A Soft Place to Land
6. Infarrantly Creative


Omgirl said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hi! And I sure hope your nausea goes away soon. 16 weeks is cruel!!!

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