Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finished Project

So I finished that blanket for my little one, who was born March 10th.  He's a pretty adorable guy and we love him a ton, but he keeps us seriously busy, so projects have been slowed down yet again at our house.  I've been getting caught up in Pinterest though, and trying to actually follow through on some of the things that I pin. Enter: The Great Pinterest Challenge. I entered my quilt for Eli (or Chubby Bubby as he shall be known on the blog from now on!) in the sewing contest and the Olive Garden breadsticks I made in the recipe contest.  (And WOW! Those breadsticks were AMAZING! SO good!)  Anyway, I need help with the contest. If you're on facebook, PLEASE go "like" HoneyBear Lane and vote on my All Star Quilt in this album. *You have to like HoneyBear Lane first or the vote won't count. Also, commenting doesn't get me any extra votes, but I'd still love to hear what you all think! ;)*  THEN go to Topsy Turvy and vote on my breadsticks in this album. Voting ends Friday night at midnight. Thanks in advance for everyone who votes for me!  I appreciate it SO much!


The Yellow Cape Cod said...

Wow! Looks great!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, not a weird question at all, I get a lot of emails about that picture frame! It's actually an easel style floor frame that I hung sideways on the wall. I bought it a few years ago at big lots. Hope that helps!

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