Friday, July 31, 2009

My Bathroom Makeover

My hall bathroom was one of my least favorite spaces in our new house when we moved in a few months ago. It was supposed to be the kids' bathroom, but the bathtub had a shower door on it. Anyone with kids knows that shower doors on bathtubs and kids don't really go well together. It's really difficult to give a couple of toddlers a bath when there's a railing under your arms. It's just painful! So, the first order of business was getting rid of the shower doors. It wasn't really much of a loss, since there was already a shower rod there for a curtain. It just made no sense to have both and the doors were clearly the best choice to get rid of! The next thing I did was paint. Now, I'm by no means the world's best painter, or, as it turns out, even a good one. But at least it's not boring white anymore. Then I installed hooks for towels. The last owners didn't have any towel bars or rings in the bathroom, so that was something we really needed. Towel bars didn't make much sense with our little kids. I want to teach them how to put things away and it's really hard for a four year old to hang a towel on a towel bar, so hooks was our solution. Here's a couple of before and after photos for you. Pardon the children in the before picture. They had discovered I was taking pictures and decided to join in.

Before: Dark (hence the yucky lighting!), boring white, no towel storage and a yucky unexplainable laundry cart (which is what happens when hubby unpacks!)
After: pretty tan, no doors, towel storage galore (there's a towel ring next to the door too, but I didn't want a pic of my non-matching towel and yucky old person medicine cabinet!) and lots of light! Unfortunately, the random soap dispenser on the wall is more obvious, as is the old people hand rail...things to work on still!
Here are the towel hooks I added. Currently there's three since we have three kids, but I have more in case we have more kids. They're also double hooks in case I ever get bathrobes for them. (Dreams, right?)


Controlling My Chaos said...

Getting rid of the shower doors made such a big difference in itself. It lets so much more light in.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. :)

Koreena said...

Looks great!!

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