Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My favorite Paints

I thought I'd share some of my favorite paint colors. I currently LOVE Glidden paints at Home Depot. Their colors are fantastic and I love the coverage I've gotten. I used a navy blue for Chubby Bubby's room and, even without a tinted primer, it only took two coats to get the coverage we needed! It's fantastic!  We also used their white to cover the pink that had been on the wall (it was really Pepto Bismol pink...AWFUL! That's what I get for letting my daughter choose whatever color she wanted!) and it only took two coats on most of the wall. There were a few spots where the kids tried to help that we needed a third, but we have no paint brush marks or roller stripes. It's SO great! Plus, it's only about $24 a gallon at Home Depot, although they have it at Walmart now too. I like shopping at Home Depot because they have a 10% military discount, which has come in SUPER handy with finishing a basement! So here are my favorite blues. I'm debating between blue over white board and batten for the basement family room with a tan sectional for a more beachy feel and tan over white board and batten with a red couch for a fun game-room feel. Maybe some of you can help me decide! I'd love opinions! (You can click the pictures to enlarge and see the name of the color.) I'm a little nervous about a tan, because I don't want it to turn out pink-ish with a red couch. I'll have to think and look for the perfect tan if we go that way. Thoughts would be very helpful though!


Magen said...

I like these. I've been kind of into blue lately which is actually kind of weird for me. I usually go for more of the earthy green tones. My favorites were the last one and the second from the top. Hope it's not too late though!

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