Monday, October 31, 2011

Last day!

Well, it's Day 31! Halloween kind of dominated the day, so we'll do a quick recap. This morning, there was a Halloween parade at Bubs and Chubs' school. They were adorable. Of course, I couldn't get a remotely decent picture what with all of the crazy kids. Fortunately, the Hubs and his mom did on Saturday, so I'll share those.
Chubs demonstrating his mad Mario jumping skills. ;)

Baldy the Ninja (he's not so bald anymore, but still incredibly blond with fine hair, which you can't even see since he wore a coat!)

Bubs the Ghost. I promise there's a mouth on that ghost!

Chubs refused to wear overalls for his costume, but nobody cared. Everyone knew who he was from the hat and he was comfortable, so I wasn't going to fight him on it. Baldy went back and forth FOREVER about his costume! In fact, for our Halloween Carnival last week he was Luigi. If you asked him today, he wanted to be a " 'inja", a ghost, Spiderman and Superman. No Luigi, shockingly. I told him he could be one of the others next year. I'm sure I'll be hearing about it for the next few weeks, since he's currently obsessed with costumes. 

Some of my favorite costumes I saw today were a toothbrush (a cardboard box on the kid's head had straws bunched together to make bristles! SO creative!) and Humpty Dumpty on his wall. The dad had a box painted like a brick wall on him, and the little boy (probably around 1 or 2) was dressed up as Humpty Dumpty and sitting on his shoulders. It was so cute! I also love the little bunch of grapes that trick or treated in our neighborhood. She wore a leotard and leggings and attached purple balloons all over herself and put a little cap with a leaf on her head. And she came up with it herself! I'm impressed with the creativity in my neighborhood!

Anyway, I've enjoyed the last 31 days!  Hopefully I can keep posting as I finish projects. We'll be working on our basement a LOT in the next few months. I'd love to get it done by Christmas, but I'm not sure we'll make it. We do have the paint for the bathroom, plus the tile and all of the tile supplies. I also have the cabinet that I need to finish staining to the color I want. So I need the sink and counter and some shelf supplies to finish my shelf nook in the bathroom. I'll be able to go right ahead with painting my craft room since I don't want texture in there. I figure if I want a chalkboard wall in there, it'll be easier without the texture. So I'll be working a lot on that, and hopefully taking pictures along the way! Feel free to join me as I finish it!


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