Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 8: Oops! A little late!

That could've been the title for my whole day really!  We had a bit of an oops yesterday morning when Chubby Bubby fell off my bed. It was not a good way to wake up. (For the record, I was not the one who put him there!) So the poor Bubby is a bit banged and bruised up.  I worked on my cross-stitch for my brother-in-law quite a bit and am getting SO close to being done. I'll be excited to finish that up. I'm thinking I'll just get a frame from the Dollar Store to put it in. I love my family and all, but I'm a cheapskate and don't believe in spending $10 on a frame for MY house, let alone for a gift. (In fact, I just added up all of my Christmas gifts for this year. The one's that I've bought at least. Anyway, for my side of the family, 6 people, I spent less than $10! Woohoo! I wasn't QUITE that good for the Hubs's side, but still not horrible at all.)

Anyway, we had the Hubs's family over last night. Or at least his brother and sister-in-law and mom, since that's who actually showed up. We decided to go over to the frozen yogurt shop where his sister works to surprise her. She was supposed to get in at 7:30, so that's when we went over that. She wasn't there, though. We called her and as she picked up my sister-in-law's call, she said "Oh, shoot, oh shoot!" and hung up. Not really a good sign. Turns out she hadn't looked at the clock and was still half an hour away! We decided to go ahead and get frozen yogurt anyway. By the time we were finished, she'd showed up. Oh, and did I mention she's the MANAGER? Silly girl. Well, we said hi and then headed home to put kids to bed, but even the older two were already 20 minutes late at that point.

My creativity for the day was actually making a pumpkin shaped cake for my husband and niece's birthday dinner that's tonight. It looks pretty good, although we had issues getting it done. Baldy decided it was a good idea to pour a whole TON of water in the orange cream cheese frosting (did I mention it's a homemade carrot cake from scratch, with cream cheese frosting from scratch? I'm super excited!) so I had to have my mother-in-law stop on her way over here last night and get more cream cheese frosting. Maybe I could've just added more powdered sugar, but I wasn't exactly sure where he GOT the water that he poured in and that child makes me nervous. So overall, it was kind of a hit and miss kind of day. Got there just a minute too late a few times and had to wait for a while once. Hopefully today's better!


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