Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19: Shelves undone, costumes done!

Well, the makeshift closet rod didn't get put up yesterday. I spent a while explaining to the Hubs what it even was! It took a bit for him to get what I was talking about, even with the rod in front of him, so I'll be sure to post pictures once I get it up. Drywall guys were supposed to start hanging up drywall today, but that didn't happen either. The drywall got here at least! But it got here at exactly the right time that I had to send a friend to pick up Chubs from school for me so that I'd be here. I felt bad about that since it was his first field trip today and I would've loved to pick him up from that. Fortunately, he was excited to talk about it. It was funny that, while he was excited about the petting zoo area that they visited at the farm, he was very upset that they didn't have a word of the day or get to bring home one of their word books. He's a little nerd and I love it! ;)

The biggest thing I got done (besides some dishes, which believe me, is a BIG thing!) is the kids' costumes. Our neighborhood Halloween Carnival was tonight (put on by the youth in our church group), so the costumes HAD to be done. Bubs decided she wanted to be a ghost. She specifically wanted to be this ghost, so I put together a quick pillowcase dress (my first one) for her, using a shelf bra from a tank as the face. (Shelf bras don't work for me, so it needed to go, so I was happy to use the fabric for something), so it was a $5 costume. Chubs and Baldy decided they wanted to repeat their Mario and Luigi costumes from last year. I had to buy new long sleeve shirts for them, but I actually got a red jacket for Chubs since he needed one anyway and it was only $8 and Baldy got a green shirt that he can wear for a while for about $6. He normally wears a 3, but I could only find green shirts in the boys' section, so I had to get a 4, so it'll fit a while. Chubby Bubby is a little lion that all of the kids have been. It's a little sad because he is only 7 months old and it's a 12-18 month costume! He's huge! I had a devil costume that I bought on clearance last year for about $5, so this was a pretty inexpensive Halloween. Although I still have to come up with something to wear to a Chinese-themed murder mystery party Halloween weekend. So we'll see how it goes. If anyone has any suggestions for places to look for something Chinese-ish in an XL, that'd be awesome. It's not easy, I'll tell you that! Maybe I'll figure out something to sew, but until then, Halloween's taken care of! Hooray!


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