Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24: Memory

I finished my Memory games for my nieces and nephews.  Well, except for laminating them. But I got the difficult part done. Each set had 60 pictures, with 60 cards to be pasted onto, and there were 5 sets, so that's about 600 squares I've been cutting hand. Yeah, I may have wanted to think that through a little better. ;) I got a little smarter on the last 3 sets. I printed out the cards so the backs say "Our Family Memory Game" and have equal squares, so they're a lot nicer looking. I thought I'd go ahead and share that with you if you're interested in it! 
Family Memory Game
I printed it out with no margins to be able to waste the least amount of paper. It also gave me room to caption each picture on the other side with the names of the people in the picture. And I figured that was a good thing, since the whole point was to make it so that cousins on opposite sides of the country can learn names and who goes together. I have a picture of each person by themselves, plus family pictures of each family. A few couples have couple pictures as well. I was going to have each couple have their own picture, but had some printing issues with those ones, so they cropped funny. I was a little annoyed that has their resolution set at 640x400 pixels and states that, but none of the other places give an actual ratio, just a minimum, so when I used that ratio, it cropped them, cutting off people's faces. Oh well. They gave me a credit for the affected pictures, so I would still recommend Snapfish to anyone. Even though it should've been obvious to me (I mean 600x400 really makes sense for a 4x6 photo!) they still gave me credits, so I appreciated that. I'll clear off my table in the morning and take a picture of the memory game in decent light. It's just too late for a good picture, so it'll have to wait. That's what I get for doing projects after bedtime!  Anyway, I hope some of you are able to use the memory game for some cheap Christmas gifts!  I was able to get my prints for $.01 each with Snapfish, so it was a really inexpensive gift, especially since my sister-in-law will be letting me borrow her laminating maching! Good luck with your Christmas gifts!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, hope you can share a set or two when they are finished, pop over and visit my blog if you have the time

Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

What a great idea to help cousins learn each other!! My mom as 10 brothers and sisters and they are all spread out everywhere. Some of my cousins I wouldn't know if I struck up a conversation with them on the street! Isn't that sad? My hubby's family on the other hand pretty much all live in the same area!!

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