Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20: Shelf's up! Sort of...

Well, the drywall guy came today and quickly left. They had a few issues today (the guy was supposed to be here at about 8 this morning and didn't get here until 2:30! Yikes! And then the rest of the crew was stuck in traffic!) plus he noticed a few things that needed to be taken care of in order to to drywall, so we decided it was best for him to come back tomorrow.  Now I just need to remember to talk to him and then call the city because our STUPID city inspector INSISTS that you should do a drywall inspection before the mud and tape go up (which is ridiculous! I've never heard of another city that does that...but I could write a book about this inspector and the things that I HATE about how he does his job!), so I'll need an inspection in the middle of the day or they won't be able to tape tomorrow and we'll have to wait until Tuesday most likely. Which would suck. I was planning on working on texture this weekend, but if mudding and taping isn't done, that can't happen. Yuck!

Oh well. While my dad was out here helping us out tonight, he helped put up my coat rack in the garage. It's up, but the screws still aren't long enough to safely put coats on it. As it turns out, they used 5/8" drywall in the garage (which isn't really standard...but then again the previous owners were weird, from what we can tell.), so when a screw has to go through 1 1/2" of 2x4, plus 5/8" of drywall, it really should be longer than 2 1/2" since that only leaves 3/8" to go into the stud. So we're going to try 4" lag bolts...4 of them. I figure I want to make sure this can hold a LOT of coats, so we're going to make sure that it's sturdy. But that's another project done, so I'm happy about that. Add that to a load of dishes and two loads of laundry and I'm not TOO upset about today, despite the kids being home all day. We'll cross our fingers I can get a lot done tomorrow too.


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