Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Inspiration

Sorry I missed yesterday. We had some sleep issues the night before and I was pretty much out of commission yesterday. We've been trying to get Chubby Bubby to sleep through the night and, while he's getting closer, the older kids had a bad night and Bubs decided to climb into my bed with us. It meant that my back was totally out yesterday. I took a muscle relaxant and was out half the day. Fortunately the Hubs was home to help out. (He was actually home to work on homework, but he took one for the team yesterday. ;) )

Anyway, today I'm still recuperating. (A half hour trip to the grocery store to fill a prescription has had me on the couch the rest of the day!) So I decided to think about what's going to happen in our basement since the drywall guys finished today. Hooray! So I created my first "mood board!" It's kind of fun finding those things. I'm still trying to decide if these are the colors I want for the sofas and Hubs doesn't want the media wall. :( Oh well. It means I get one upstairs instead.

I've also been thinking about our master bedroom, which is the only finished bedroom to not be painted since we moved least once.  So I saw this on The Big Bang Theory and fell in love. The comforter is from Bed Bath and Beyond, but I've been wanting to figure out what the wall color is. I already have an upholstered headboard that I've been wanting to re-do, so I could pull something like this off! 
Also, did you know that there's a Color Palette Generator online? You can put in a web address and it'll tell you what colors things are! That's exciting for me!  It does it for computer based colors, but I'm sure someone is close to translating that to paint colors, right? I'll figure it out!  I'm excited! Hopefully it'll help some of you as well! Only a few more days left of the 31 days challenge, but hopefully I've gotten back in the swing of things enough to keep posting often! I'm excited about the comments that I've gotten, so thanks everyone!


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