Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7

Wow...I couldn't even come up with a good title. A late night kills me these days!  I'm not quite 27 and the thought of pulling an all-nighter is HORRIBLE to me!  I don't know how so many people my age do those things...oh wait, they probably don't have 4 kids! ;)

Well, I'm excited for the next week. It sounds like it's going to be a VERY full week of sewing. I have a friend that I may be making a petticoat for so her daughter can have a "poofy" flower girl dress...on Wednesday. And I still haven't gotten a firm yes or no, so if I do it, it'll be quick. Luckily, we'll be working from the tutorial at Make It and Love It. I'm excited about that. I've been wanting to use one of her tutorials for a while. I was also accepted as a pattern tester for Peek-A Boo Pattern Shop. I'll be making her new Vivienne Party Dress in the 12 month size for my niece. Which might change what I give my niece for Christmas...or just add to it, since I already have all of the stuff for the present I was planning on. And it's just a double of what I'm making for Chubby Bubby, so it's not a big deal to make a second one.  So I should have a lot of projects to report progress in the next week on my crafts. Yay!

I've been doing a lot of working on my Christmas gifts last night and today. I decided to organize the gifts that I've already got according to recipient. I have all of them in bags inside a Rubbermaid bin to keep in my closet. Kids know that that is completely off-limits. (Although 2 year old Baldy still thinks it's okay to use it as a stepstool...but he climbs on everything, so nothing knew there!)  I also have a smaller Rubbermaid bin for the birthday gifts for our upcoming birthdays in the next few months. It helps me keep track of what I have and keep them organized. Then today, since the Hubs has been home and we've been catching up on NCIS (which we LOVE!), I've been working on a cross-stitch for my brother-in-law. Now I know a cross-stitch sounds like a weird present for a guy, but I find it hilarious. Check it out!  This one has a different controller than what I'm using. His will have a Classic NES controller, which I find hysterical. He's a bit of a gaming nerd, so I think he'll appreciate it. Hopefully he'll like it. I also received confirmation that my pictures are on my way for my Memory game for all of the little kiddos on my list, so that'll be great to get done. So Christmas is well under way and I'm excited for the next few weeks of finishing that up. It'll give me lots of projects to report on here.

As far as eating and exercise goes, I've been trying to use some leftovers for lunch lately. I did make some homemade Oreos today that we enjoyed, but I didn't have my snacks, so it wasn't too big a splurge. It's CRAZY cold here (as in, mid 40's for the highs, which is odd since it was about 85 on Monday!) so there hasn't been a whole lot of walking, especially since I've got the baby to be worried about. I hate the idea of him getting sick. He's already got reflux and allergy problems and gets ear infections really easily, so I'm a little protective of him especially where the weather's concerned. But while he and I were home alone for a few minutes today, I got in a few crunches with him and used him as a weight for my benchpresses. (I use my older kids all the time, so this wasn't as much of a workout as I would've liked.) I also did push-ups over the top of him, which he thought was funny. It was just a few minutes, but that's more than I normally do, so I'm happy!


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