Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: An Epiphany

So, I logged onto my computer this morning and there was this lovely article on Yahoo about your weight. I didn't even bother to click on it, so I don't have the link or anything. From the first little schpiel (yup, I have no idea how to spell Yiddish words and my spell-check is NOT liking that word...I'm sticking with it!), I figured it was something that I had no control over. Basically, it was talking about how sleep is important to your metabolism. And it hit me: THIS is why I gain weight after I have babies. With all of my kids, I work and work and it's not until they sleep through the night that I start losing ANY weight. Well, Chubby Bubby slept 6 hours straight last night. It was fantastic. Now, if only those 6 hours had not followed 3 1/2 hours of waking up every half hour to hour. I would've made it to bed before 1 am and would not have been wanting to crash all day today. In fact, at one point, my older two boys were playing together while I was feeding Bubby a bottle (since he STILL can't hold the darn thing up himself!) and we were waiting for my daughter to get done with school so we could go pick her up. I woke up at about the time that I was supposed to have the boys all ready to go in the car to go get her. Fortunately, a lot of other parents seemed to be late today too, so we still managed to make it in time and get a spot where she could find us. Unfortunately, it pretty much meant that we didn't get to walk because I was so out of it and we would've been late. Which means that we haven't walked yet this week. And probably won't because we've got storms in the area ALL week long. I think I'll do some Just Dance on the Wii tomorrow. It kicks my butt every time I do it, so I feel like it's a good workout, plus it's something my kids like doing with me, so I don't have to fight with them to get free time. Although I do have to wait until Bubby's asleep so that I can do it without stepping on him...or him climbing me...or puking on me.

I did have some good news today though. My sister-in-law and I had a book party at my house last week and were told that if we made $400 in sales, we'd each get $160 worth of books for $37.50.  We found out tonight that we made $451!  Woohoo!  That means I've got two Christmas presents for each of my kids taken care of. Which also means that I'm almost completely done with my shopping for Christmas!  A few projects to work on (I'll share my progress on my Family Tree for my in-laws tomorrow) and I'll be done!  I bet that I'll be done before November. That's very exciting. Plus I got a few extras for Baldy's birthday at the beginning of December. Yay!

Oh, and I finally took Bubby in to the lab to get his lab work done. That involved getting a stool sample this morning (which was part of the reason that we didn't walk to school this morning. The kid FINALLY pooped!  He doesn't do that too often. Hence the reason we have to do lab work...that and the reflux. Blegh!) and taking him to get his blood drawn. And let me tell you, he's a STRONG almost-7 month old! It wasn't easy holding him down! And I got myself a new dress, 2 new shirts, and my daughter a dress, all for $27. So, despite not getting my walks in, I feel like I was still fairly productive. Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to get dishes done and some more laundry and take care of some housekeeping things...AFTER Just Dance and a shower. ;)


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