Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gallery Wall

I finally got around to putting my pictures up in my bedroom as a gallery wall. It's been on my list of things to do. I've had TONS of frames that have been gathering in a tub in my bedroom for almost the entire 9 years that I've been married. I have a bunch on the wall in the hall, which didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped. But this gallery wall turned out so much better than I'd hoped! My husband even came home and sat there and stared at it with me. He told me that I should be very proud of myself. Now, you won't get any kind of a tutorial from me on this because I'm a "fly by the seat of your pants" type of decorator. In fact, I got "done" and then looked over above my headboard and realized that one of the pictures I'd intended to put in the gallery was still hanging over the bed! So I ended up adding about 8 more frames. It expanded a lot, but I'm really happy with the end result. Want to see? ;) 
I still have a few frames that need to be filled. A couple of 5x7's and a few 5x5's, which should be interesting picking out. But I was pretty happy with how it all turned out, and as the Nester says, done is better than perfect, right?  I had been putting all of this off until I paint my room. Well, we've lived in this room for almost 3 years now and the frames had been sitting in the tub the whole time.  It wasn't worth leaving them there anymore. I figure I can always put things back up whenever I get around to painting. But that's been taking so long and we're SO overwhelmed with finishing the basement, that I think it'll be a while longer still. In the meantime, I'm going to try to make the bedroom as nice as I can for us. It's the LAST bedroom to get touched. I should've done it a long time ago. I'm planning on getting three small bookcases to go underneath these pictures. We have a TON of books that are sitting on the floor waiting for a home. My husband just moved some shelves downstairs so we need some new ones for upstairs. I'm also trying to decide what to do about my bedding. I bought some new bedding while my husband was deployed. It was a color scheme that I liked, but it didn't go with my headboard. See it's brown and turquoise and my headboard's black. Black fabric. They don't really mesh. But I just got back a quilt top that a friend made for me that's a gorgeous black, red and white that goes with it. So now I'm wondering if I should just finish that quilt and leave the headboard. I'll post pics tomorrow and take a vote! I just can't decide!


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