Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Master bed and bath

So, I've been working in my master bedroom and bathroom today. Kind of a follow up to my spring cleaning...or an extension of my spring cleaning which never got finished. Oops! I had two kids have surgery almost two weeks ago, so that meant taking some time off. And, as most of you know, if you have kids and take "time off," that really means you're starting over! So my master bathroom got cleaned today. I still need to clean the tub and mop the floor, and wash the bathmat, but the sink and counter are completely clear. My under-sink area has been organized into some bins that didn't fit someplace else. I'm really excited about that. It's nice to have bins to be able to pull out when I need something instead of having to dig through everything in there. I left only the things on the counter that I absolutely need, plus a little basket. I figured that I would embrace the fact that I don't remember to put away my ponytail holders and clips and leave the basket on the counter so that I could just toss them in there and put them away whenever I feel like it. I also cleaned out the window track in there. Have you ever done that? Admittedly, I've never lived anywhere long enough for it to need it until now, but still! It took a bit, but it's nice to have it done.  Recently I also made myself an earring holder as well, so it's nice to have that up in there. I'm 27 and my ears have only been pierced for 9 months. I don't really have a lot of earrings, so the medicine cabinet was working well enough, but it was starting to drive me nuts!  I took a few pictures of it, so I can share those.

My other project for today was finally putting up my "new" lamps in my bedroom. They were in my formal front room, but we finally put in an overhead light in there. (Side note: WHY can builders not figure out that overhead lights should be STANDARD not an option?!? It's ridiculous to have to pay extra for a light!) We needed the extra light, plus we put in a fan so that we could get some air movement in there. It was just so hot upstairs in the summer, so it's been nice to have it. But now we didn't need the lamps. We're trying to decide how to redecorate (or decorate...can it be REdecorating if it's never really been done?) our master bedroom, so we decided to use the wall lamps in there. They actually install on the wall (they're from Ikea), so I don't have to use up space on my nightstand for the lamp. I'm excited about it. Hopefully it works out. I'm hoping to finish cleaning/organizing the bedroom tomorrow and maybe post some pictures of my two bedspread options to get some opinions. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of what I got accomplished today.


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