Thursday, November 26, 2009

Little Aprons

I love aprons. It's because of my husband. Is that weird? My husband actually started the apron trend at our house. You know how when you're first married, your husband actually helps sometimes? (I joke, he still helps, almost 7 years later...just not as much!) Anyway, he liked working in the kitchen, and I didn't mind the bathroom, which he detested, so I did the bathrooms and he did the kitchen. And he always wore an apron. I have actually made him one and bought him one. I like to personalize, so he's got two aprons with pictures of the kids on them. The first one has definitely seen better days, so that one may be going soon. Anyway, on to what I was actually trying to get to. My kids love helping in the kitchen. And they've grown. It makes me sad to see them outgrow all of their old things, but it's probably a good thing. So the latest thing for them to outgrow was the aprons they've always had. Very cute aprons. Okay, one was cute. One I decorated when I was ten and you can't wash it because it bleeds all over your brand new clothes (thankfully the shirt was on clearance, so it wasn't too bad to replace it!). So I broke down and made them new ones for Christmas. With them in the room. Out of fabric that the older one picked out for them. Yup, I don't get a lot of time away from them. So here's the reveal.

IMG_1074 As it turns out, I’m about the worst photographer in the history of blogging, but I can sew a straight line fairly well, so I figure it evens out! :) On the Thomas apron on the right, I used navy blue bias tape for the edges and the straps. One the princess one on the left, I bought white bias tape, which I neglected to realize was single fold not double, so it was not going to work. And I was not going to Walmart the day before Thanksgiving! So I improvised and made my own. It took forever and a day to iron it all, but I actually really like it, so it worked out well! The kids are way excited for their aprons, even if they have to wait until Christmas!


Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

those turned out great! i love aprons too!

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