Friday, November 20, 2009

My Pet Peeve...

AKA my kitchen. Sad, I know. But, honestly, who does this?
Yup, that's my dishwasher so close to my kitchen sink that there's no possible way to do the dishes without having to do this...
All of my dishes sitting on the other side of the sink, completely washed, just waiting to go into the dishwasher to be sterilized. Because, let's face it, at the point where you have to do this, they're just going in there to be sterilized. It's almost more work than it's worth. Currently, we have a 'U' shaped kitchen. As soon as we save enough for new flooring for the first floor (because it's hideous and they carpeted the dining room! The dining room! Yuck!), then we'll be rearranging the cabinets. The peninsula we have right now is exactly the right size to be able to turn and fit along the wall perfectly. It will mean getting new cabinets for the wall, most likely, but that's okay too, since we can't reach the top shelves of our cabinets now. (I'll have to post a picture later, cuz Blogger won't let me move pictures and it's frustrating!) We'll also have to get a new countertop and sink since the counter is a solid-surface with built-in sink, so it's all got to go once part of it does. Darn it. Oh well. At least I have this sight to make me feel better.

My kids got very upset when I wouldn't let them do the dishes by themselves. But I did let them wash the cups they were drinking out of as soon as I was done with the rest of the dishes. I'm so grateful that they love to help right now! That lasts until they leave the house, right?


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